Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

    Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

      Make Safety a Priority at Home by Installing the Products for Your Accessible Bathroom in Canada

      The traditional bathroom can become challenging for the elderly and individuals with mobility issues. In Vancouver, almost a quarter of people aged 55 and older have trouble with their mobility. That’s why our team at Home2stay is ready to help you make your bathrooms safer and more accessible. From grab bars to cutouts, Home2stay has the products you need to build your accessible bathroom in Canada.

      What is an Accessible Bathroom?

      An accessible bathroom in Canada is designed for anyone who experiences limited mobility — the elderly, people with disabilities, patients recovering from surgery, and so many more.

      Unlike traditional bathrooms, this one is equipped with accessories such as tub cuts, grab bars, accessible sinks and faucets, wider doorways, and safety bathroom products to make it safer for use.

      What is an Accessible Bathroom?

      What is Needed for an Accessible Bathroom in Vancouver?

      What is Needed for an Accessible Bathroom in Vancouver?

      To build an accessible bathroom in Canada, you will need to install some important equipment and accessories.

      Tub Cuts

      Tub Cuts

      Tub cutouts or tub cuts are used to convert a tub into a shower. There are models of tub cuts that allow this to become a permanent change while others give you the option to alternate between using a shower and a bathtub.

      When installed in your accessible bathroom in Canada, these tub cuts allow the bathroom to remove one section of the tub wall. This makes it easier for people to step into the shower.

      Tub Cuts

      Grab Bars

      grab bars

      To provide additional support and stability, many choose to install grab bars in accessible bathrooms. These are strategically placed near toilets, showers, and even bathrooms to help people maintain their balance when getting up, sitting down, or moving around. 

      Grab bars are always made from durable materials like stainless steel. Our products here at Home2stay come in different sizes, styles, and configurations for your bathroom.

      grab bars

      Barrier-Free Options

      barrier-free options

      To provide more access for those using wheelchairs and canes, an accessible bathroom in Canada should have barrier-free options. These give your bathrooms more space by taking out physical barriers and obstacles that people may encounter. 

      This can include roll-in showers, handheld showerheads, raised toiles, wall-mounted sinks, and lever-handled faucets.

      barrier-free options

      Accessible Sink

      accessible sink

      In an accessible bathroom, sinks are installed at a lower height and have different features to make them more convenient to use.

      This is done by providing more knee clearing and a deeper basin so that wheelchair users can easily roll up to the sink. They may also have a single-lever faucet. You may choose to add anti-scald devices to regulate the water temperature.

      accessible sink

      ADA-Compliant Faucets

      ada-compliant faucets

      An important feature of an accessible bathroom in Canada is an ADA-compliant faucet. These meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

      Some of its notable features are touchless operations where sinks have motion sensors to turn on and off. They should also have insulated pipes to prevent accidental burns from hot pipes under the sink.

      ada-compliant faucets

      Bathroom Safety Products

      Bathroom Safety Products

      Accessible bathrooms all over Canada must also have other kinds of safety equipment to improve accessibility. 

      These can include shower chairs, non-slip mats, raised toilet seats, and transfer benches. With these installed, you reduce the chances of falls and injuries, making the entire space safer and more accessible.

      Bathroom Safety Products

      What are the Benefits of Investing in An Accessible Bathroom in Canada?

      Everyone at home deserves to feel safe. That’s why here at Home2stay, we provide you with products to help you build an accessible bathroom for everyone at home.

      what are the benefits of investing in an accessible bathroom in canada
      improved accessibility

      Improved Accessibility

      The biggest benefit of this bathroom is its improved accessibility. It makes it very easy for your loved ones to use the bathroom by providing them with wider doorways and accessories to help with balance, making the space safer and more convenient.

      better flexibility

      Better Flexibility

      Equipping your accessible bathroom in Canada with additional features allows you to customize the room to your loved one’s specific needs. This makes it easier for them to move around the bathroom, providing them with increased independence.

      increased safety measures

      Increased Safety Measures

      Plenty of home accidents often happen in the bathroom. From slips to falls to burns, many things can go wrong because of its inaccessibility inside. By equipping your bathroom with the right tools, you can reduce the chances of accidents.

      simple maintenance and cleaning

      Simple Maintenance And Cleaning

      Accessible bathrooms in Canada are also designed to be easy to clean and maintain. They have smooth and non-porous surfaces making them resistant to water damage. Many of its features also have low-maintenance fixtures.

      why home2stay provides the best products and services for your accessible bathroom in vancouver

      Why Home2stay Provides the Best Products and Services for Your Accessible Bathroom in Vancouver

      At Home2stay, you not only get the best products for an accessible bathroom but also services to match

      no obligation assessment

      No Obligation Assessment

      To help you make the right decision, Home2stay provides a no-obligation assessment that gives you all the information you need. This can be done at your home or via a video call. Once we give our recommendation, you have the choice as to which items you’ll want to be installed in your home.

      quick installation

      Quick Installation

      Our team at Home2stay can offer same-day delivery service if you book before noon. However, this is still subject to the technician’s availability. You won’t have to wait for days or weeks to get your accessible Bathroom in Canada ready.



      Home2stay offers rental services for different types of equipment needed for your accessible bathroom. We provide a contract to our customers with maintenance and installation services included. The length of the contract varies depending on the type products installed.

      personalized quote

      Personalized Quote

      After our no-obligation assessment, we send you a personalized quote for your accessible bathroom in Canada. This will list the different products and installations you can add to your bathroom.

      after-sales services

      After-Sales Services

      Once we've installed the accessories, our team takes the time to train you, a caregiver, and family members on how to use and properly take care of your Home2stay products. If no one is present during the installation, you can request additional training which can also be done via video call for your convenience.

      Get All the Things You Need for Your Accessible Bathroom in Canada from Home2stay Today!

      Home2stay can provide your family with all the things you need for an accessible bathroom in Canada. We service different areas in Canada including Vancouver, Surrey, Port Moody, Ticities, Delta, and Maple Ridge. Contact Home2stay so that we can discuss your specific needs, or directly call us today at: +1(604) 239-3662!

      Frequently Asked Questions About Home2stay’s Accessible Bathroom

      Home2stay focuses on creating homes that can meet the unique needs of each individual. To help you understand more, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions that cover the most important aspects of our accessible bathroom solutions.

      Anybody at home can use this kind of bathroom. Many families who renovate their homes choose to incorporate accessible bathrooms in their homes to create a universal design.

      The features of an accessible bathroom in Vancouver depend on the user’s needs. easier to use. Here are some of the common features: grab bars, a raised toilet seat, a roll-in shower, and tub cuts.

      The Accessible Canada Act requires public buildings and businesses to have accessible features in their bathroom. However, this is not required for private residences to have an accessible bathroom in Canada.