Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

    Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

      Trust Us to Install the Best Tub Cut Outs in Canada for Your Home’s Accessible Bathroom

      Home2stay is here to make your bathrooms safer and more accessible with the help of our tub cut outs in Canada. This is designed to help people with mobility issues as part of our commitment to making your life easier.

      What is a Tub Cut Out?

      It might be difficult for some individuals to get in and out of regular bathtubs, especially when they have trouble lifting and swinging their legs. With the help of a tub cut out, they won’t need to worry about this.

      A tub cut out is a section of your tub that is made removable to create a lower step-in height for users. This makes it easier for people to get in and out of their tub without the risk of falling.

      what is a tub cut out?
      how are tub cut outs in canada made?

      How are Tub Cut Outs in Canada made?

      Our tub cut outs in Canada are done by our trained staff who specializes in making accessible bathrooms. Here is an overview of how this is done:

      measure the bathtub

      Measure the Bathtub

      Here at Home2stay, we assess your home to see what products fit your space best. The same goes for our tub cut outs in Canada. We will take a look at your bathroom through either an online or on-site assessment to help you decide which product best fits your needs.

      choose the appropriate tub cut out

      Choose the Appropriate Tub Cut Out

      In our assessment, we provide you with our suggestions as to which tub cut out to use. This is a result of the measurements taken by our technician as well as your family’s needs, and the size of the tub.



      Once you’ve decided on the tub cut out, Home2stay can now begin the installation. Not only do we sell products but we also are a construction company that you can trust to install our products.

      Who Can Benefit From Tub Cut Outs?

      Tub cuts can be a valuable solution for anyone looking to improve the accessibility and safety of their bathroom. But here is the list of groups who can especially benefit from tub cut outs in Canada:

      who can benefit from tub cut-outs?
      the elderly

      The Elderly

      As people get older, their mobility and balance slowly decline, making it harder for them to get in and out of a traditional bathtub.

      Having tub cuts can lessen the chances of accidents since it stepping into a tub becomes easier. On top of that, caregivers and family members can also easily roll in wheelchairs closer to bathtubs.

      individuals with limited mobility

      Individuals with Limited Mobility

      Tub cut outs from Canada can also benefit those who have limited mobility. This includes people who have arthritis, paralysis, and multiple sclerosis.

      This provides them with a simple yet effective way to get into the shower daily. It also gives their caregivers an easier time getting them inside.

      person with disabilities

      Person with Disabilities

      This bathroom feature also makes a huge difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Traditional bathtubs can be a big problem for people with physical disabilities or chronic conditions that make it hard for them to move around.

      Having tub cut outs in Canada make it easier for people with disabilities to use the bathroom. which helps them keep their independence and dignity.

      Home2stay’s Tub Cut Outs in Canada

      home2stay’s tub cut-outs in canada

      Here at Home2stay, we provide our customers with tub cuts from CleanCut and Quick Tub. Through our home assessment, we help you determine which product is best for your accessible bathroom.

      Home2stay Convertible Tub Cut

      home2stay convertible tub cut

      The Convertible Tub Cut allows your family to enjoy both a step-in shower and a full bath. You can easily shift between the two thanks to its waterproof removable plug center. the simple transition from a step-in shower to a full bath.

      home2stay convertible tub cut

      Home2stay Tub Cut Step

      home2stay tub cut step

      This product is the easiest way to convert your existing tub unto a step-in shower. Its non-skid step pad reduced the possibility of accidents when stepping in and out of your bathtub.

      home2stay tub cut step

      Home2stay Tub Cut Ultra-Low

      home2stay tub cut step

      For deeper bathtubs, you can get the Home2stay Tub Cut Ultra-Low. This is ideal for high-profile tubs at least 14.75” tall.

      home2stay tub cut ultra-low

      Home2stay Full Convertible Tub Cut Kit

      home2stay tub cut step

      Our Full Convertible Tub Cut Kit has everything you need to convert your current bathtub into a step-in shower while keeping it in good working order. It only takes a few seconds to convert back and forth. This kit provides greater slip and fall protection than an unmodified tub while giving the entire family maximum flexibility.

      home2stay full convertible tub cut kit

      Why Home2stay is the Best Service Provider for Tub Cut Outs

      Home2stay goes above and beyond to provide customers with both products and services for their accessible homes. Here is why you should trust us to provide you with the best tub cut outs in Canada.

      why home2stay is the best service provider for tub cut-outs
      customized quote

      No-Obligation Assessment

      If you’re unsure of where to start for your accessible home and bathroom, you can apply for a free no-obligation assessment with us here at Home2stay. This can be done on a personal visit or through a video call. We’ll assess which tub cut is best based on your needs and your existing tub.

      no-obligation assessment

      Customized Quote

      After the free assessment is done, we will send the client a quote with personalized suggestions for your tub cut out in Canada as well as other products we think will help you with your accessible bathroom. This quote will usually be sent to the client within 2 business days, giving them time to look over the suggestions.

      home2stay express

      Home2stay Express

      We also offer an express service for tub cuts in Canada. This allows customers to schedule installation for the next day if they submit their booking form before noon. However, customers should still note that this is subject to our technician’s availability.

      after-sales services

      After-Sales Services

      After your tub cut is installed, we make sure to orient our customers, their family members, and caregivers on how to properly use the product. On top of that, we also provide repair and maintenance services during the duration of the contract.

      Get Your Tub Cut Out in Canada from Home2stay Today!

      Our team here are Home2stay works closely with our customers to help create accessible homes. This includes your tub cut installations. Let’s work together to make your bathroom safe and convenient for all types of people.

      Contact Home2stay so that we can discuss your specific needs, or directly call us today at (604) 239-3757!

      Frequently Asked Questions About Home2stay’s Tub Cut Outs in Canada

      Home2stay provides tub cut outs for homes in Canada. To help you understand this product a little bit more, we’ve listed some frequently asked questions.

      The installation process typically takes between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the complexity of the job. Rest assured, our technicians are well-experienced in this installation.

      Most types of bathtubs can be modified with a tub cut out. However, it is important to consult with us here at Home2stay if the product you want is compatible with your existing tub.

      Yes, you definitely can. Our tub cuts are compatible with tubs of different shapes and sizes.