Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

    Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

      Stairlifts in Vancouver

      Going up and down the stairs can be both safe and comfortable with the help of Home2stay’s Bruno stairlift expert.Our team here at Home2stay is here to guide you throughout the process from consultation to post-installation!

      Contact us here at (604) 239-2225 to book your schedule for a FREE in-house assessment. We will be sure to give you our customized recommendations for your home.

      Going Up the Stairs Has Never Been Easier Thanks to Stairlifts in Vancouver

      Provide your loved ones with an easier way to get up the stairs with stairlifts for your Vancouver home. This accessibility solution provides them with a safe yet efficient way of moving around their home. Here at Home2stay, we provide you with a range of options that can be perfect for your home.

      What are Stairlifts?

      Stairlifts in Vancouver are a common solution for people with mobility issues. Whether it’s used indoors or outdoor, a stairlift allows people with limited mobility to move around in a multi-level home.

      Those who have trouble walking to take the stairs multiple times a day can benefit most from a stairlift that takes them from one floor to another with ease, comfort, and stability.

      Some of the people who benefit the most from stairlifts are the elderly. Many of them want to grow old in the home they’ve lived in for most of their lives, but they face a frustrating obstacle in the form of stairs.

      what are stairlifts
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      Why Should You Install a Home2stay Stairlift in Your Home?

      There are several benefits to installing a stairlift in Vancouver. For the elderly, the injured, and people with medical conditions that limit their energy or mobility, not having to take the stairs could make or break their positive living experience. Some benefits of stairlifts include:



      Stairlifts in Vancouver give people access to areas and levels of their homes that may be hard to reach otherwise.

      Many people who have trouble walking or climbing stairs end up having to move to single-level houses or apartments, leaving their well-loved homes and personal effects behind. But this simple addition to their homes would make all the difference, allowing them to stay in the place they own and stay close to who and what they hold dear.



      Stairlifts are a safe and secure means of navigating between upper and lower floors. They reduce the risk of falling or injuries.

      You can have your loved ones simply sit back and relax as they are taken up or down the stairs. The speed of most stairlifts in Vancouver can also be controlled manually or even remotely, allowing people to move at their preferred pace.



      In addition to moving at speeds that are controlled by the people using them, most stairlifts in Vancouver can be customized to their user’s preferences. This way, they can be optimized for the utmost comfort.

      From customizing fabric choices to footrest sizes, adding a power swivel seat, or a power folding footrest, there are many ways to customize your Vancouver stairlift such that it is designed to fit your needs.

      Easy to Use (2)

      Easy to Use

      A Vancouver stairlift’s ease of use is imperative for those who need to operate it. The elderly, the injured, and those with medical conditions need their equipment and accessibility features to be user-friendly and easy to explain, especially to handlers and caretakers.

      One of the best things about Home2stay’s stairlifts is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure them out—a simple demonstration, or even a manual, will do!

      Restores Independence

      Restores Independence

      Stairlifts allow individuals with mobility issues to move freely from one floor to another without the need for others’ assistance. This increases or restores the feeling of independence that people who have trouble walking or climbing may have lost due to their injury, old age, or condition.

      In allowing these people to retain their independence, distributors of stairlifts in Vancouver are helping increase their feeling of self-worth and confidence.

      increases freedom

      Increases Freedom

      When someone with a walking or climbing problem has a stairlift, it lessens their need for assistance from someone else. If they are fully capable of navigating their multi-level home or building on their own, and assuming they have no other concerns that require a full-time caretaker, this gives them the freedom of privacy and autonomy.

      They can make their own rules, live in their own house, and be their person without anyone’s help.

      Models of Stairlifts Available at Home2stay

      models of stairlifts available at home2stay

      Stairlifts in Vancouver come in two distinct styles that directly correspond to the type of staircase you own: straight and custom curved. Here are some modes available here at Home2stay.

      Straight Stairlifts

      straight stairlifts

      As its name suggests, a straight stairlift runs on a straight track that is attached directly to a staircase. They are relatively easy to install since they are usually just mounted on stairs and often don’t need any major modifications.

      At Home2stay, we offer two models of straight stairlifts in Vancouver. The Home2stay Straight Stair Lift, features a low-profile rail design that can easily fit in with almost any home design. We also have the Home2stay Straight Stair Lift 1100 for you to choose from.

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      straight stairlifts

      Custom Curved Stairlifts

      custom curved stairlifts

      Curved stairlifts are designed to run on a custom-made curved track that follows the shape of your staircase. They are precisely fitted to the curve of your stairs and landings, so you can expect that these are a bit more complex to install.

      These chairs are usually customizable with optional swivel seats and folding footrests and adjustable seat heights. At Home2stay, we have the Home2stay Custom Curved Stair Lift and the Home2stay Freecurve Curved Stair Lift for your preference.

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      custom curved stairlifts

      Why is Home2stay the Best Distributor of Stairlifts in Vancouver?

      Home2stay prides itself on distributing only the best accessibility equipment for residents all over British Columbia. Our stairlifts are sourced from one of the top accessibility equipment providers in America, Bruno Independent Living Aids, and the process we take guarantees you quick and safe installment.

      why is home2stay the best distributor of stairlifts in vancouver
      top-of-the-line bruno stairlifts

      Top-of-the-Line Bruno Stairlifts

      Home2stay is the local Bruno stair lift expert in the British Columbia region. Bruno Independent Living Aids is a veteran-founded, family-owned company crafting and providing stair lifts and other accessibility equipment that are proudly made in the USA.

      They have the largest network in the industry, taking pride in their commitment to product quality, dependability, and user safety.

      professional installers

      Professional Installers

      Our installers at Home2stay are certified experts in all Bruno stairlifts and commit to making your home as accessible as possible, as soon as possible.

      We are dedicated to finding solutions that allow you to live with safety and dignity in the comfort of your own home. Home2stay values your trust and is here to help you before, during, and after your purchase.

      free assessment

      No Obligation Assessment 

      At Home2stay, we are proud to offer free assessment services that are one call or email away. Simply request a Free Assessment through our website, and we’ll be in touch with you on your preferred schedule.

      The assessment can be done in person or, for your safety and privacy, via video call. The best part is this comes with no strings attached—you won’t be required to buy anything from us or pay a thing once the assessment is done!

      Source the Best Stairlifts in Vancouver from the Supplier of Top Home Accessibility Solutions and Renovations, Home2stay!

      Whether you’re ahead in years, recently suffered an injury, or are otherwise unable to navigate a multi-level home, there’s no need to despair. There is hope in the form of Vancouver stairlifts sourced from Home2stay.
      Contact Home2stay so that we can discuss your specific needs, or directly call us today at +1(604) 239-3757!

      Frequently Asked Questions about Stairlifts in Vancouver

      Stairlifts for your Vancouver home are an excellent addition to your accessible home. However, if you’re installing this for the first time, we’ve collated questions that are usually asked by many of our customers.

      Vancouver stairlifts have compact designs that ensure they are out of the way when not in use. Some have offset swivel seats and some can be folded in, so they should leave plenty of space on a staircase of average width for people to go up or down.

      No, Bruno stairlifts are not typically noisy. Bruno is known for manufacturing high-quality stairlifts that operate quietly and smoothly. This is thanks to the various features and technologies they include to reduce noise and vibration when in use.

      Most staircases are suitable for a stairlift, but if you want to be sure, you can book a free assessment with us to confirm!

      Most Bruno stairlifts, including all the ones we provide, are battery-operated. That means it will continue to operate even during a power outage. Just remember to be careful navigating your home when the lights are out!