Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

    Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

      Home2stay Floor-Mounted Advantage Rail

      Home2stay Floor-Mounted Advantage Rail

      The Advantage Rail provides dependable vertical and horizontal support for movements and transitions from sitting to standing and vice versa.

      Award-winning ergonomic safety design accommodates multiple hand positions and ensures comfortable usage.

      The floor-mounted Advantage Rail features an innovative “Pivot & Lock” technology for improved versatility and can be easily-installed wherever you need free-standing support.

      Available for NEXT-DAY delivery and installation via the Home2Stay Express booking form!

      Technical Information

      • Material- Alloy Steel
      • Finish/Colour- Anti-microbial powder coat white
      • Weight Capacity Standard(SP-S)-400lbs/181kgs
      • Bariatric(SP-HD)-450lbs/204kgs
      • Rail Diameter-1.50″/38.1mm
      • Height Adjustable- 93-99″/2362-2515mm(Other Height Options Available)
      • Rail Length- 28″/711mm and 32″/813mm
      • Wall Plate- 5.5×9″/140x229mm
      • Wall Plate Mounting Holes- .375″/9.525mm
      • Installation Hardware/Fasteners- Fasteners must be suitable for substrate. We include lag bolts(1/4″x3″ length) for wood constructions
      • Fasteners Exposed or Concealed- Exposed
      • Commercial Use- Yes
      • Residential Use- Yes
      • Water Resistant- Yes
      • Rust Resistant- Yes(Only on Stainless Steel)
      • Country of Origin- Canada



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