Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

    Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

      Home2stay Straight Stair Lift 1100

      Home2stay Straight Stair Lift 1100

      The number 1 stairlift brand of 2022, according to Forbes Health.

      Regain your independence and conquer the struggles of staircases. Our stairlift solutions provide freedom of movement throughout your home, allowing you to age in place, free from everyday obstacles.

      The Handicare 1100 Straight Stairlift features next-generation technology with an ultra-streamlined design that takes up less space on your stairs. The Patented Multi-Drive Friction System will ensure your stairlift is operating at peak levels at all times with no reduction in performance ever.

      A quieter, smoother, more robust stairlift that’s much easier to maintain. The contemporary design allows the 1100 to blend into any environment, becoming a complementary piece in your home.

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      Technical Information

      • Compact
      • Ergonomic
      • Comes with joystick on the armrest & two remote controllers
      • Continuous charge
      • Retractable seatbelt
      • Patented Multi-Drive Friction Technology
      • Optional powered footrest and swivel
      • Leatherette finish seat
      • Space saving and zero intrusion
      • Safe Working Load (SWL):
        • 30–45°: 309 lb (140 kg)
        • 46–50°: 287 lb (130 kg)
      • Staircase Angle: 30–50°
      • Speed: 0.5 ft / sec (0.15 m / sec)




      Starts at $$4,045

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