Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

    Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

      5 Benefits of Installing Stairlifts

      What are the benefits of installing stairlifts?

      1. Provides a safer way to use the stairs at home
      2. Provides full access to the staircase
      3. Regains your freedom
      4. Allows you to stay at home
      5. Offers personalization options

      Stairlifts are not only innovative but also life-changing accessibility solutions that provide a safe and efficient means of transportation for individuals with mobility challenges. Whether you’re dealing with age-related mobility issues or physical injuries, these devices can offer a practical solution to your daily struggles.

      In this article, we’ll explore five benefits of installing stairlifts that can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals with mobility challenges.

      Provides a Safer Way to Use the Stairs at Home

      Provides a Safer Way to Use the Stairs at Home

      Staircases can be dangerous, especially for older adults or those with physical challenges. Even a minor misstep on a staircase can lead to a painful injury that can take weeks or months to recover from. That’s where the safety benefits of a stairlift come into play.

      One of the most obvious benefits of installing a stairlift is that it provides a safer way to navigate the stairs in your home. For elderly individuals, stairs can pose a significant health risk due to the increased likelihood of trips and fall. Just missing one step can result in a broken leg or hip, leading to a long hospital stay and a difficult recovery.

      The device’s secure seat and safety features, including seat belts and footrest sensors, ensure a safe and comfortable ride up and down the stairs. Additionally, most stairlifts come equipped with backup batteries, so you don’t have to worry about power outages or emergencies. With a stairlift, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re safe while navigating your stairs.

      Provides Full Access to the Staircase

      Seniors and individuals with a disability can now have full access to their homes if a stairlift is installed. They will be able to move upstairs and downstairs whenever they need to.

      Many may think that once you’ve installed your stairlift, it may block the entire staircase for other members of the family. This is far from the truth. Thanks to the foldable chairs and footrests that stairlifts provide, these can be folded effortlessly when the chair is parked at the top or bottom of the staircase. Now, everyone else at home can go up and down the stairs as if the stairlift wasn’t there.

      Regains Your Freedom

      Regains Your Freedom

      It can be difficult for many of our elderly loved ones to admit that they need help. They may not want to reach out to their children, caregivers, nieces, and nephews for help. That’s why this stairlift provides them with a feeling of freedom.

      With the help of this accessibility solution, they can easily move between floors without spending unnecessary energy. They can now easily move around the house with minimal restrictions and challenges.

      Allows You to Stay at Home

      Many of us like staying at home. Why? Many of our houses are milestone achievements that were achieved by the whole family. To many, their home can be the place where their kids to their first steps. It can also be their first financial achievement. Whatever the case, as we grow old, we may find a hard time leaving this house for a retirement community.

      Many don’t like the thought of moving to a one-story home or letting other people take care of them throughout their aging life. That’s why most seniors in Vancouver prefer installing stairlifts on their existing staircases since it allows them to continue living in their homes with ease.

      Stairlifts can be especially helpful not just for elders, but also for individuals with special needs who may have difficulty climbing stairs on their own. It helps them maintain their quality of life at home, without sacrificing their comfort or safety.

      Offers Personalization Options

      Offers Personalization Options

      Stairs are different from one house to another. Some may have curved staircases while others have straight ones.

      That’s why stair lifts make a great accessible solution. Here at Home2stay, we provide customers with different kinds of stairlifts for their homes. Before you make your purchase, we can even perform a no-obligation assessment that will help you decide which product is best. If you’re not ready to make the purchase, you can also rent out our products!

      One of our products is the Bruno indoor stairlift which has personalized options to make your life better. Whether you need a manual or power-folding rail, a power swivel seat, a power-folding footrest, custom seat fabric, and more, our Bruno indoor stairlifts fit perfectly into your home and lifestyle.

      Key Takeaway

      Stairlifts can make life easier for both elders and people with special needs. If you’re thinking about purchasing a stairlift for yourself or your loved one, contact Home2stay here. We’ll recommend you the best stairlift based on your specific requirements.

      Home2stay is the go-to stairlift provider in Vancouver. We have the knowledge and expertise to excellently provide the unique stairlift needs of our customers.

      Turn to Home2stay for reliable, durable, high-quality stairlifts, accompanied by unsurpassed customer service.


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