Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

    Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

      How to Design Your Bathroom for Stylish Accessibility

      How can I design my bathroom with stylish accessibility?

      1. Install dual-purpose grab bars
      2. Create a monochrome look in the walk-in shower
      3. Consider refinishing your bathtub
      4. Make a statement with anti-slip flooring
      5. Add bright lights by the sink


      • New grab bars are two-in-one features that can be soap dishes and towel shelves.
      • Adding the monochrome look in showers and bright lights by the sink makes the area look bigger.
      • To save from replacing your tub, consider refinishing it to make it look brand new.
      • Anti-slip flooring comes in different designs that can add a splash of color to your bathroom.

      In interior design, the combination of style and accessibility is one of the features that make a bathroom more catered to the unique experience of individuals. When designing a bathroom with both function and style in mind, it is important to build around the preferences and needs of families whether they are accessible amenities or personal aesthetics.

      In this article, we look at the different ideas on how to design a bathroom for stylish accessibility that seamlessly combines practicality and fashion into your space.

      Install Dual-Purpose Grab Bars

      Grab bars are the easiest features to add to your bathroom. They are tools that you can hold onto and lean into for support when moving about the bathroom. They provide balance and act as a fail-safe in fall prevention. They are usually found beside the toilet, by the faucet wall, and the length of the bath or shower.

      Despite its purpose, they can often look too bulky and out of place, especially for families without senior citizens.

      With dual-purpose grab bars, they are more than tools to hold on to. Dual-purpose grab bars are also additional soap dishes, tissue holders, and towel shelves, making these tools look more seamless in the overall design of the space.

      Create a Monochrome Look in the Walk-In Shower

      Create a Monochrome Look in the Walk-In Shower

      Monochrome styles are usually black-and-white interior designs that focus on simplicity. Simplicity is also one of the key designs in walk-in showers. They are essentially wet rooms without barriers like steps or curbs into the shower like the usual step-in showers.

      They are often designed with built-in benches for people who want to decrease the time they stand up due to exhaustion, sprains, or strains. They are also created with full transparency in mind, meaning that they do not have glass panels or curtains for privacy – this creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

      With a monochrome look, walk-in showers not only make your design more accessible but also keep up with the more minimalistic style movement nowadays.

      Consider Refinishing Your Bathtub

      Prioritizing stylish accessibility in the bathroom does not always mean giving up bathtubs. With new mindful designs to aid those who want a more convenient way of entering and exiting baths, tubs with cutouts are a great option to ensure your hygiene and ease.

      They are cost-effective installations to your existing tub avoiding costly replacement and installation. They are easily installed within 2-4 hours and often come with a water-seal door to secure your bathing experience.

      just like cost-effective cutout tubs, a great bathroom design tip is tub refinishing. It is not only a way to extend the life of your tub, but it is also more affordable than buying a new one altogether. Refinishing your tub makes it look as good as new by removing scratches and cracks.

      Make a Statement With Anti-Slip Flooring

      Essentially, anti-slip flooring is textured flooring. They are usually tiles that have a level of roughness that can help prevent slips or falls. When designing a stylish and accessible bathroom, it is important to make sure that there is an ability to grip surfaces. Slick and smooth surfaces heighten the risk of bathroom falls especially when you step in and out of the shower.

      This flooring can be made out of non-slip vinyl, natural stone, bamboo or cork, and linoleum materials. While some prefer simpler stone-looking or wood-looking styles, some prefer brighter floors with calming blue tiles or Mediterranean-style inspired tiles to add a statement.

      When designing the most watery room in the house, anti-slip mats in tubs or shower areas are a must. In the general area of the bathroom, textured flooring is also a great way to add more grip ability for our feet.

      Add Bright Lights by the Sink

      Add Bright Lights by the Sink

      Vanities are important areas in our bathroom. Apart from the usual hygiene practices of brushing our teeth, washing our face, and washing our hands, the sink is usually the area where we style how we want to present ourselves during the day. With key routines such as doing our make-up and styling our hair.

      To make your accessible sink more than its deep basins and clear obstruction below, you can add lights around your mirror. This makes your sink more visible for grooming routines and more illuminated to avoid spills and cutting into sharp objects like shavers. Plus, the bright light makes the space look bigger.

      Key Takeaway

      Our stylish accessibility designs accommodate all people, fostering aesthetic appeal and independence. At Home2stay, we offer functional yet fashionable bathroom, stairlift, and elevator solutions. Invest in accessibility without compromising on design. Contact us for bathroom remodeling services.


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