Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

    Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

      Stairlift Maintenance: The Right Way To Do It

      Congratulations- your shiny new stairlift is ready for your use! You definitely made the right decision investing in your accessibility, safety and independence in your own home. 

      Your stairlift or chairlift is now helping you get up and own your stairs easily and more importantly, safely. You are probably using it multiple times a day, every day. Even if it is not used frequently, a certain amount of stress is still placed on your new essential aid.

      It is new and everything works smoothly- but remember that any piece of machinery requires regular maintenance to keep it performing at its best.

      Here is how to give your stairlift some love, to ensure that it continues working well for you:

      Cleaning and greasing

      First step is regular cleaning of your stairlift- As dust, hair and other household dirt (maybe even a coffee spill or two) collect on top of the rails, some of these elements will eventually find a way into the more delicate areas of the lift. A regular dusting and wiping (with a damp towel or mild cleaner) of the tracks can make a huge difference in the lifespan of your stairlift.

      Then there is the re-greasing or re-application of grease to keep the moving parts operating smoothly. 

      Most stairlifts run on a rack and pinion system, which means that there are gears / cogs running along a gear track. 

      Over time, dust and other elements will accumulate inside of the gears and the gear track. The dirt will then mix with the existing grease that has been applied upon installation, and start hardening and clumping up inside the motor and gearbox areas, wherever there are moving parts. 

      An annual cleaning of the old grease and application of new grease is highly recommended. This works like an oil change in a car and will keep everything running smoothly.

      Safety system checks

      Every Stairlift has multiple built-in safety features to prevent accidents from occuring or to keep anyone from getting hurt. 

      One of the most important components of a chairlift is the set of limit switches which causes the lift to stop if there is an obstruction or if the stairlift is not in the proper riding position.

      Given the critical function of these switches, having them checked and tested on a regular basis is extremely important for the safety of anyone using the lift and others in the household, including pets. Be it the user’s foot slipping off the footrest of the stairlift, a toy left on the stairs or a pet not moving out of the way, making sure that the lift stops when necessary is crucial. 

      All quality stairlifts are designed to have those pressure-activated switches on both sides of the lower carriage to avoid any unwanted injuries or damages.

      Next is the seatbelt- it should be checked regularly for damages or wear and tear. Although there are no high impact scenarios for a stairlift as compared to a car, the seatbelt should still always be used, as it adds a huge amount of safety, especially to anyone having trouble staying in the proper seated position.

      Battery and charger checks

      Contrary to popular belief, stairlifts generally run on batteries. Yes, there is a power cord plugged into a wall outlet at one end of the rail, but its purpose is to charge the batteries that are inside the lift. 

      The type of batteries depends on the make, model and the length of your stairlift run. But typically, a chairlift uses two 12-voltage batteries and amperage differs per kind.

      The lift operates on fully functioning batteries with enough voltage. On average, a set of batteries should last you about 3 to 4 years, but it all depends on the usage of the lift, the weight applied, and the age of the unit itself.

      It is recommended that you ask a certified technician (usually from the authorized service provider who installed your stairlift for you) to check on the batteries once a year- maximum up to 2 years into the lift of your stairlift. The technician will be able to give you a good estimate on where your batteries are in their lifespan. 

      Replace the batteries sooner rather than later- this can cut down on extra costs as well. Service providers  charge a fee for every visit and you could save on costs by having the batteries replaced during the annual maintenance service.

      The charger should also be inspected and tested for proper voltage output by the technician- this unit will keep your batteries charged and ready to go when you need to use the stairlift.

      Nuts and bolts

      Doing a routinely scheduled check on all of those bolts and screws is an important step in the annual maintenance of a stairlift.

      Check that the stairlift is property screwed down into the treads of the stairs and the rail is anchored to those installed feet. Another component to pay attention to are the bolts connecting the seat and footrest to the carriage, which can cause injury if not connected properly.

      The annual maintenance schedule can provide you with peace of mind that your stairlift will be ready to be used when you need it.

      There can always be unforeseen issues or breakdowns, that’s unfortunately what we have to expect when we rely on a machine to help us get around — but having a certified technician do preventative maintenance can help eliminate a lot of common issues before they happen. 


      Home2stay is a certified dealer and service provider of top stairlift brands in Vancouver and the whole British Columbia region. 

      To learn more about having a stairlift installed in your space, you may contact Home2stay for a FREE ASSESSMENT. Our team will be more than happy to assist you and help ensure that you’re making the right decision for yourself and your loved ones. 



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