Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

    Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

      The Two Types of Stairlifts in Vancouver

      What are the two types of stairlifts in Vancouver?

      1. Straight Stairlift
      2. Custom Curved Stairlift

      For individuals who experience difficulty climbing stairs, stairlifts serve as an indispensable mobility aid. They are specifically designed to provide a safe and convenient method of ascending and descending stairs. If you happen to be located in Vancouver and are considering the installation of a stairlift within your home, it’s important to become familiar with the two primary types of stairlifts available in the market.

      Straight Stairlift

      Straight Stairlift

      A straight stairlift is one of the most affordable and straightforward types of stairlifts, as it is installed directly alongside a straight staircase. It can be placed on either side of a staircase, with a retractable rail and seat, and footrests and armrests that fold up when not in use.

      At Home2stay, we offer a stylish Bruno Straight Stairlift that offers high-quality functionality, and ease of use when operated. It has a low-profile rail design that leaves plenty of open space on your staircase steps.

      Apart from this, the Straight Stairlift has the option of a power swivel to help you automatically and securely move to the landing at the top of your stairs.

      Types of Straight Stairlifts

      The Straight Stairlifts have various types: the Outdoor Straight Stairlift and Platform Straight Stairlift. Each is beneficial for your specific needs.

      • Outdoor Straight Stairlift

      An outdoor straight stairlift is specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures, making it an ideal mobility solution for those who need to move between different levels of their property, such as a deck, detached garage, porch, or shed.

      This type of stairlift comes with a range of features designed for outdoor use, including a foldable seat, a seat belt, and a power swivel option. It also has unique outdoor features, such as a lock-and-key to keep it secure, and a cover that protects it from direct exposure to sunlight and other environmental elements, helping to keep it clean and well-maintained.

      • Platform Straight Stairlift

      If you use a wheelchair or other mobility device, such as a walker, a Platform Straight Stairlift can be an ideal solution. This type of stairlift features either an open or enclosed platform, both of which are designed to provide a safe and secure means of transportation up and down the stairs.

      The open platform is equipped with doors, guardrails, and sides to prevent any accidental falls. Meanwhile, the enclosed platform resembles a home elevator and offers an additional layer of privacy and protection. Both types of platforms are spacious enough to comfortably accommodate two people, making them a great option for individuals who require assistance from a caregiver or companion.

      Custom Curved Stairlift

      Custom Curved Stairlift

      Here at Home2stay, we make sure that we provide stairlifts for all kinds of homes even those with curved staircases. Our Custom Curved Stairlift is tailored to follow the curve of the stairs in your home. Because of this personalization option, you can expect to pay a higher price for this.

      If you have a curved staircase with specific requirements, such as multiple floors, a landing between floors, or a spiral design, a Custom Curved Stairlift can be the perfect solution. This type of stairlift is designed to conform to the unique shape and layout of your staircase, providing safe and reliable transportation up and down the stairs.

      Similar to Straight Stairlift, it is typically equipped with a foldable seat, footrest, and armrests. It also has a power swivel option or can be stopped directly on a landing floor.

      At Home2stay, we offer Bruno’s signature Custom Curved Stairlift. It is an artfully and handcrafted rail that ensures a smooth and quiet ride from start to finish. It is equipped with power options to further customize your chair lift to fit your lifestyle in your home.

      Style Tracks or Designs for a Curved Stairlift

      There are still some who prefer using Curved Stairlifts with different style tracks or designs. These staircases are not customized, unlike the Custom Curved Stairlifts. Let’s learn more about them below.

      • Hollow Tube Design

      The hollow tube design of a stairlift features one or two tube rails that are curved using a pipe bender to fit the structure of your staircase. This design is more affordable than other options because it is less rigid, but it does come with some limitations. Its weight capacity is typically less than 275 lbs, which may not be suitable for larger individuals

      Additionally, its gear rack is often exposed, which can cause some concern. It’s because exposed gears mean a higher chance of getting a piece of your clothing caught in the gear rack. This can be more worrisome if young children are living in your home.

      • Modular Flat Rail Track

      A Curved Stairlift with a modular flat rail track is a less expensive option than custom-made rail tracks, but it may not provide a smooth ride due to the chair having to travel over many joints. It has a lower weight capacity and is made of lightweight aluminum. However, it can be installed more quickly. It’s important to consider your individual needs before choosing this option.

      At Home2stay, our Curved Stairlifts are custom-made to ensure that we can cater to your specific needs. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting dizzy or uneasy while going or landing on various house floors.

      Key Takeaway

      There are a variety of stairlift options available in Vancouver that can meet your specific needs. It’s important to carefully consider your requirements in order to find a stairlift that provides both comfort and safe transportation up and down the stairs in your home. With the right research and consideration, you can find a stairlift that fits your needs and improves your mobility and independence.

      If you’re looking for the best supplier of stairlifts in Vancouver, look no further than Home2stay! We offer top-notch stairlifts from reputable brands like Bruno! You’re assured that our stairlift products are equipped with the best features you need at a reasonable price!

      For more questions, don’t hesitate to contact Home2stay today. Our team we’ll gladly accommodate your stairlift-related inquiries.


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