Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

    Discover your home's full potential with the best accessibility solutions!

      How are Tub Cut Outs Installed in Canada?

      How are tub cut outs installed in Canada?

      1. Initial assessment
      2. Preparing for installation
      3. Marking the cut-out area
      4. Cutting the tub
      5. Finishing and smoothing
      6. Reinforcement and installation
      7. Quality check


      Unveil the comprehensive journey of tub cut-out installations, from the meticulous initial assessment to the final quality checks. Witness the transformation of conventional bathtubs into accessible havens that prioritize safety and convenience. Guided by precision, technicians mark and execute precise cuts, followed by smoothing edges, reinforcement, and a seamless color-matched finish.

      As more and more people in Canada are choosing to make their homes more accessible and inclusive for everyone, the demand for accessible bathroom solutions such as tub cutouts is increasing. The process of installing tub cut-outs in Canada involves cutting off a part of the existing bathtub, providing a new, lower point of entry. This decreases the likelihood of falls and injuries, which are common with traditional tubs. Curious about how to install tub cutouts and how it works? Let’s dive right into it.

      Initial Assessment

      The initial assessment is crucial for ensuring that your bathtub is suitable for a cutout. Professionals like Home2Stay will examine the material of the tub, its size, and its shape before embarking on the project. They will also provide you with different designs and options to customize the tub cut out to your specific needs.

      What’s good about the assessment here at Home2stay is that you’re under no obligation to push through with any of the recommendations. You can choose what you want to be done to your home or save it for a later day.

      During this process, our technician measures the existing bathtub and considers the specific needs of you and your family. By understanding the unique requirements of the user and the dimensions of the bathtub, the technician can recommend the most suitable tub cut-out design.

      Preparation for Installation

      When the installer has provided you with options for what product will suit your tub best, they provide you with a detailed and customized quote within a few business days. This outlines the cost of the tub cut-out installation, associated products, and any additional services the client may require. This transparent approach allows clients to make informed decisions while considering their budget and the value of the modification.

      Before the installation day, the client and technician schedule a suitable time for the tub cut-out setup. During this period, it’s essential to ensure the bathroom is clear of any personal belongings, towels, and mats to facilitate a smooth and efficient installation process.

      Marking the Cut-Out Area

      Marking the Cut-Out Area

      On the scheduled day, our technician/s will arrive to perform the tub cut-out installation. They will start by marking the cut-out area. This is usually done using a specialized template to ensure that the size and shape of the cut are precise. Around one-third of the tub’s wall is marked to be removed. The installer will also mark the height of the cut-out, usually around 8 to 10 inches from the tub floor.

      Cutting the Tub

      Now comes the part that demands utmost precision: cutting the tub. Fiberglass and steel tubs are usually cut using a jigsaw with a specialized blade, while cast-iron tubs may require an angle grinder. The installer carefully follows the marked area to ensure a clean, smooth cut. This step usually takes a few hours to complete and is done with maximum attention to eliminate possible errors.

      Finishing and Smoothing

      Finishing and Smoothing

      Once the tub is cut, the edges will be sharp and jagged, posing a hazard. To resolve this, the next step involves finishing and smoothing the edges. This process typically involves using a grinding tool to smooth the sharp corners. After this, a high-grade waterproof adhesive is applied to the cut edges to protect them from rust and further damage.

      Reinforcement and Installation

      After the opening is cut and smoothed, it’s time to reinforce and install the cut-out. Depending on the product or service, a step-in insert or door may be added for extra security and convenience. This step also includes reinforcing the base of the cut-out with a supporting structure to ensure it can hold weight.

      The interior and exterior of the cut-out are then coated with a highly durable, waterproof sealant. This sealant also matches the color and texture of the existing tub, ensuring a seamless, aesthetically pleasing finish.

      Quality Check

      The final and vital step in the installation is the quality check. This is where the installer will thoroughly review the work to ensure that the job is done correctly and meets the standard required. They will inspect the cut-out’s size, the smoothness of the cut, the installation of the reinforcement, and the look of the sealant.

      The installer will also check for any leaks or drainage issues. All of these checks are done with your safety in mind. It’s always advisable to refrain from using the tub for at least 24 hours after the installation process to let everything fully dry and set.

      Once the installation is complete, the user and their caregivers are oriented on how to use the tub cut-out properly. This includes understanding safety features, and proper entry, and exit techniques. We, at Home2stay, offer after-sales support, which includes maintenance services during the contract period to ensure the tub cut-out remains in excellent condition.

      Key Takeaway

      These six steps on how to install tub cut out can transform your standard tub into an accessible, safe bathing option. Tub cut-outs are a cost-effective and efficient way to improve the safety of your bathroom. As the demand for more accessible homes in Canada increases, the trend for tub cut-outs is set to continue as well. So, whether you or your loved ones are seeking to age in place or simply improve home accessibility, tub cut-outs are a viable option to consider.

      Home2Stay, the leading provider of accessible bathrooms in Canada is here. Benefit from our no-obligation assessments, fast installations, flexible rentals, personalized quotes, and exemplary after-sales services. Embrace independence and confidence in your bathroom. Contact us today, because accessible living is just a call away!


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